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DI SK PACK 1000 

Enhancement Notice 

We are pleased to announce that two 
additions have been made to the Disk Pack 
1000 Utility Package. 

1. Binary Load Demo for ULTIMENU - A 
demo of ULTIMENU' s Binary Load function 
has been added to Disk Pack 1000. This 
demonstrates ULTIMENU 1 s ability to execute 
binary load +. go to files from BASIC. To 
view, select ULTIMENU from the main 
screen, then select DEMO. OBJ and press 
START. This beautiful pattern generator is 
included as an extra bonus for purchasing 
this package. 

2. BACK-A-DISK - Bad-Sector-Writer 
Option 2. BAD-SECTOR-WRITER Option 2 is a 
new choice on your Back-A-Disk menu. This 
supplies an alternate method of writing bad 
sectors. I still recommend option 1 as a 
faster and easier method, however, if your 
disk drive was purchased after January, 
1983 or you own a non-Atari disk drive, 
you may need to use option 2. 

Instructions for BACK-A-DISK BAD -SECTOR— 

Follow all Back-A-Disk instructions for 
copying disk and determining the location 
of the bad sectors. Then select Option 7 




P I & G R*=*M 1 



:. : r 



■fc=* - 

J ■;, 


Bad Sector OP. 2. To use, you must attach 
two long pieces of tape (folded over onto 
themselves) firmly to the top of the copy 
disk (see Diagram 1). Then insert the disk 
in your drive so that the tape sticks out 
when the door is closed (be sure tape is 
long enough to get a grip on when the disk 
door is closed). Next, enter the destination 
disk drive number (the disk drive you wish 
to write bad sectors on) and the sector 
number. Then be sure everything is set and 
type return. The screen will now prompt 
you to shake the tape. You can gently move 
the tape back and forth, and alternately 
push on one piece while pulling on the 
other. The computer will beep and signal 
you when the bad sector is written. Then 
stop pulling while it rechecks the sector. 
Note that until you get good at it, it can 
take 10 minutes or more to write a single 
bad sector. So keep at it, and wait for the 
computer to signal you that it is done. If 
you wish to abort the process, hit any key. 
When your bad sectors are complete, return 
to Back-A-Disk instructions before testing. 
Keep in mind that the programs you are 
backing up check 1 or 2 bad sectors. So if 
you can determine which sectors they are 
(by watching the disk boot in with the 
cover off) you can save time by just 
making those sectors bad.